The Leuser ecosystem is one of the most important protected areas in the world. The only place that still hosts Sumatran tigers, orangutans, elephants, rhinos and sun deers. Located in Sumatra, Indonesia it is an area of immense ecological value.

Mike Griffith, a pioneer, and the most important personality in connection with the conservation of the Leuser ecosystem talks about the threats that it is currently facing. He also gives us a positive message of hope when we take into account all the solutions that are being implemented in the region by local organizations.

During the making of this movie, we filmed and photographed the illegal burning of one of the most important reserves of peat swamp forest worldwide by one of the palm oil companies operating in the area. As many as one hundred orangutan died in these fires as the peat swamp is their natural habitat.

The following day more than two hundred media networks around the world broadcasted the news. Until then nobody knew what Tripa was or where it was located. Thanks to the efforts of the people taking and broadcasting the images, it is now one of the biggest environmental issues worldwide. The palm oil companies involved have been brought to justice for crimes against the environment and the accused are now facing sentences of up to ten years imprisonment.