Freelancing in Asia

I always thought that I paid to do what you like , you first have to do what you like until someone pays for it . That’s what I’ve been doing for years and I’m still wanting to know more people that do the same . I backpack again to set sail to distant lands. It is the only investment that has always worked for me. It was never easy, but worth it . This time I returned to Thailand eager to work . I have not done any video for long time and wanted to take it with a vengeance. After the first night in Bangkok and spend two hours in a taxi by protests we headed to Koh Chang , an island east of Bangkok not yet known . I had no choice so why not . The island was not what I expected , the arrival of night left only see either side of the road clubs , bars restaurants and luxury hotels posters . We hope that lonely beach where we were heading out calmer , but no. Upon arrival met at the hotel where we stopped first owner.

We were tired after seven hours of travel, but even so I suggested as I usually always do, if I needed to pay some photos in spices. The site was fine, a large room with pool and stuff, but the guy was truly a disgusting and cheap Russian antipatico . I was regretting all day after having done the pictures I did, although it was only two panoramic photos of your best room . My way of working is to basically get somewhere , find a hotel who make a contribution to have covered accommodation and food for several days and then move to propose my Services The as paying more to other resorts category. The next day I spoke with the owner of the hotel across the street, and also wanted pictures of food and drinks in exchange for three nights accommodation with full board for two. The type accepted and everyone is happy . The same morning I went to go raiding resorts to see who wanted to do him a video . The second asked where it stopped. El Greco Lounge in Bang Bao pier . Two days after arriving on the island , I had not spent a penny , Ebba either and had already covered almost everything that had cost me the flight to Thailand windfall. El Greco was a Greek hotel and family restaurant you can see in the video that I will post soon. Besides the food was amazing and the taste with which everything was decorated better was the atmosphere . The father, could well be a friend of Zorba the Greek and Kosas , the owner was Rhodes , an island famous for fame seductive men . Kostas already retired , is now with his wife and Wi Odysseus , his son. Gogo Kostas worked for years in the clubs of his father , owner of the two largest clubs Rhodes with capacity for 2000 people each. After they closed and got into the business of jewelry and that is what brought him to Bangkok. Since then, after a night of new year catastrophic Wi met and has since started his adventure so far. Ebba and I spent two days rather rolled , especially took care that everything was ready for the 5 . When you have no other artificial light to look at maximum locations and the exact time at which the light will how and where you want to get the image you want. Ebba was as always a perfect assistant and model and also the sister of Kostas . Your hard work consisted smile , drinking wine, eating stuffed peppers and drinking mojitos. After three days , gave a report of the finished video product more photos and went back to Bangkok to meet again one day before Ebba went . I left over night in a pub to remember what it was that Thailand backpacker scene. Something that has become a fashion almost like going to luxury resorts all inclusive. I catered a few conversations type : where you’ve been , where you are and where you’re going to have bla bla bla my fill of it completely .


This is Thailand , stereotypes, all too easy , too … without grace , could continue working with resorts and other but a week was enough for now , if I burn worse . So after a day of madness, at two in the morning, after another grueling journey with demonstrations and protests including in Bangkok, we had just asking us where the fuck we could find somewhere we have not been, where we can work , where there are many tourists and where it does not rain. We looked and looked and did not find it in Thailand . We could go to any of the paradisiacal islands where we’ve been and find work tropical life and tourists and all. But that is not the purpose of this trip. Maybe even clear what I have , but that , no. I went to the store to buy a chocolate shake and I noticed they had the National Geographic magazine , open it , look at the first page and I was there . Philippines , or even the full article that I read but it was the perfect signal . Back to the hotel and started looking for information and deals on facebook I am just a kid of Almería a while ago I met on the bus from Madrid to Almeria and just lives and works in Manila in a while. I write and tell me that I can stay at home a few days . Chris Downs also a director I met at the last festival of short films and which gave me my first class interpretation is in Manila. There was no doubt suddenly within minutes the compass of intuition and adventure aimed at the Philippines , there was no escape. Known, surfing, climbing , diving, the only Spanish colony in Asia … too interesting to say ingredients not , so fuck , Pura Vida and pa Philippines